Home, but Not

We’re back – no problems with the flights: in spite of the remnants of Hurricane Harvey still lingering in the area, the flights were as smooth as they could be. All the bad stuff went to the east of us.


We’re back in our “temporary” digs, that we’ve been renting from friends of friends for the last two years. It’s been great, but Maggie and I are ready to settle into our own place. We’re going to crank up the home search engine, and find some place that’s easy to take care of, easy to lock up and leave for a while, and easy on the budget, so we can do some more traveling.

Home, but Not

2 thoughts on “Home, but Not

  1. Bianca says:

    Hey Clay and Maggie,
    I don’t know if you remember me but we met in Edinburgh, Scotland and you both generously paid for my lunch and ticket to the church. I have been hearing a lot about the damage hurricane Harvey has caused and I recently remembered you guys saying that you’re both from the Houston area. I’m glad that you two weren’t affected too much and I also hope that the rest of your family is safe and well too. Enjoy your retirement!
    -Bianca Self


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