The Move is Tomorrow

What a day! We got plumbing problem #1 fixed (we needed a new kitchen faucet), then the garbage disposal went out – luckily it was just jammed, so Steve, our building maintenance guy, fixed it in a few minutes. (I used to have the tool to unjam a garbage disposal, but after the Memorial Day flood, all of my Allen wrenches rusted into one big glob.) I replaced a light bulb, and it blew out the first time I turned it on. Today we got a notice from the condo association hinting that we’re due for another assessment. Maggie and I aren’t sure, but we think that the universe is trying to tell us something. We’re not taking any chances; we’re getting out of here and not looking back.

We’re almost all boxed up, except for one picture – I didn’t get enough large picture boxes, so i went back to the store where I got them, and they said they had never heard of any such thing. They didn’t have any, they weren’t in the price book, and was I sure I hadn’t been hallucinating? We’ll have to wrap that one up and store it ourselves.

The place is a proper mess. Here’s what it used to look like:

104 Maggie-2 Studio-1

Here’s what it looks like now:

Packing-Kitchen0780 Packing-LivingRoom0771 Packing-Study0777

Tomorrow, the movers come and take away the boxes and furniture, so it will look different again. We’ll be sleeping on the Murphy bed until Thursday, when we hit the road for Florida. We’re just hoping nothing else breaks in the mean time.


The Move is Tomorrow