Goodbye Tallinn!

Goodbye Tallinn! Hello Riga, Latvia

Tallinn – you are without question one of our favorite places to have visited. The beauty of Old Town, the well documented history here, and don’t forget the numerous museums and summertime festivals. Ah, lest I forget – the weather. Highs in the 60’s and low 70’s with lots of sunshine for our entire 2 weeks! On to Riga!


Baltics for idiots

Last Meal in Tallinn:

Clay and I waited to the last day in Tallinn to go to the restaurant next door to our building. Our landlady had highly recommended it. We went today for a late lunch/early dinner, and after the most amazing meal – went on Trip Advisor and learned that it is the #5 ranked restaurant out of 780 restaurants in Tallinn – the Vaike Rataslaevi 16.  We were stunned by the food and the value for our money. Wine prices were moderate as well. The service was excellent – Peeter was our waiter, and if you go, you will be lucky person to have him as your server.

Clay had the Braised Elk roast with cauliflower cream, carrot, parsnip, and blackcurrant sauce.  I had the Grilled Pork Tenderloin with broccoli, potato cake, and mustard sauce (one on the right).


For a starter I had the beet soup with elk meat, red lentils, sun dried cherry tomatoes (on right), and for dessert the frozen bluecheese cake with carrot and buckthorn sauce. (on left).

 It was a great way to end our visit to Tallinn!
Goodbye Tallinn!

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