On to Helsinki

We finished our trip through Norway with more stunning scenery. We took a bus and the Rauma railway from Ålesund to Oslo. The railroad passes through the Rauma River valley, which in Norway is known for skiing, salmon fishing and the sheer cliffs on both sides. The valley is steep and narrow, so that the railroad passes over 32 bridges and through several tunnels; one of the tunnels is a hairpin turn inside the mountain, so the train enters the mountain with the river on the left and exits with the river on the right. We took a few pictures, but it’s really hard to get good pictures from the train, and impossible to get pictures of the old stone bridges the track is built on. For those you have to go to the professionals.


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Once again, as slow as we travel, we passed through too quickly. If you stay in the area, you can see herds of wild reindeer and musk ox; in the winter, you can spend the night in the Bjorli Snow Hotel, which is built out of snow every winter and melts in the spring.I don’t think I’ll be able to talk Maggie into that one, but it would be an adventure.

On to Helsinki

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