Things we have done right

Clay and I put a lot of planning into this trip, but I was still expecting that some things would go wrong.  Fortunately for us anyway, we managed to get to Oslo and survived the first 2 weeks here – quite well, thank you.  We also realized that we really packed well for this trip.  Last year’s travel had us coming up with a list of “I wish I had brought this” –   then just the opposite – “why did I bring this?”.  This year we have been pleased to realize “we did it”.  Actually, we only packed for one week, and do laundry at our AirBnb apartments.

Another thing we learned from last year’s trip is that we love the 2 weeks in one place.  It takes that long to get to know a city, and to get around easily on public transportation.  We actually start feeling “at home”.  I remember when we were both working and our pitiful 3 weeks of vacation each year.  It never was enough.  Two weeks is just right for us.

Things we have done right

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