Local Hangout

Friday (6/9/17)  – Woke up this morning to a steady light rain and cool temperatures (high 60 degrees).  That’s cool by Texas standards anyway.  Weather forecast for tomorrow is better so we are going to run errands today, and go to the Maritime Museum tomorrow.  As a reward for completing our errands, we decided to go to our favorite “hangout” place in Oslo this afternoon.  Our plan was to read our books, and then write postcards to family.  Mission accomplished!

This hangout place is very different from any local bar or coffee shop that we have ever been in. The name of the place is Oslo Mekaniske Verksted. No food is served here –  just drinks.  What I find interesting is that they actually encourage you to bring in food.  Because Oslo is so expensive – some bars have found an interesting way to encourage customers to frequent their businesses.  At Mekaniski you can bring food from home, take out from local restaurants, and thus cut the high cost of dining out in Oslo. They win because they get to sell you the high priced drinks (that is a result of the government monopoly on alcohol sales).

Clay and I like to go over in the late afternoon for coffee and to read, and today just went a little later, took a dessert from a local bakery to pair with a glass of red wine (we came in with the intention of drinking coffee, but, you know).  Fun place to hang out.  People watching is exceptionally fun there as well.  Different groups of people (I assume from the same office) bring in food for their Friday night Happy Hour.

clay at table

As you can seen Clay is simply relaxing after reading a French book and writing postcards.  Also, you will note there are lots of books on the walls including scholarly works and a few cheesy westerns in Norwegian as well. You can’t see it in this picture, but the walls are decorated with huge medical charts, detailing the anatomy of various body parts. Remind me not to drink too much in here. I wouldn’t want to wake up to people using me for practice.

Local Hangout

2 thoughts on “Local Hangout

  1. Ellen Butterfield says:

    Ack! Finally discovered your blog! Gorgeous photos (of course!) and lovely, lovely writing, Maggie! I’ve always wanted to put large anatomy posters (ideally vintage) on my walls. I just love them.


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