Long live Cornwall

Oh, how we loved you!  This was the first place we stayed that we only stayed for one week, and as it turns out one week was definitely not long enough.  The 3 main activities we did while in Cornwall were:  hiking (best ever!), music (surprise), and eating!  We passed on castles, cathedrals, because we had something else in mind.

We based our visit out of Boscastle.  Boscastle is a village and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall, England.  Our little apartment turned out to be much larger than the AirBnb photos had shown.  We had 3 bedrooms, living room, big kitchen, separate dining room, but oddly only one bath.  It was extremely clean, and very old and perfect for the 2 of us.

Our apartment was right across the street from the Napoleon Pub.  In fact, we called it our 12 step program because we were literally right across from the Pub.  We actually measured the distance and turns out it was 20 steps, but a 12 step program sounded better.  Usually one doesn’t associate pubs with good food (just beer!), but this place was an exception.  We actually ate there 2-3 times.

Maggie Pub

Boscastle Harbor provided the perfect walk to hike up to the coastal walkway!


Five years ago, I made a trip to Cornwall with a Road Scholars Tour group.  Clay didn’t get to go because he was still working at the time.  I wanted to show him some of my favorite hikes from that trip.  My favorite then, and now too, was the hike from Boscastle to Tintagel.  It did not disappoint as the photos below show.  It is a 5.5 mile hike, and mostly up and down so a little strenuous at times.  We make it in about 3 ½ hours so we thought we did well.  We had lunch in Tintagel, and then caught a bus back to Boscastle.



Another great hike was near Padstow.  Padstow is this cool little fishing village, and after our hike we had our first Cornish pasties.  They were good, but honestly, we neither one thought it good enough to order again.  Here are a few photos from Padstow and the hike that we took from there.

Music was a real surprise while we were in Cornwall.  We were over at the local pub one evening and while standing at the bar drinking a pint, we started a conversation with a local guy.  Turns out he was a member of the singing group the Boscastle Buoys.  It is a band of Sea Shanty singers who entertained us well after our usual bed time.  They were an amazing group, and honestly I thought at the time that they were just a good as the more famous Fisherman’s Friends.



Enjoying the Boscastle Buoys so much we decided at trip to Doc Martin’s little town of Port Wenn as it is called in the series. Actually it is Port Isaacc where it was filmed.  Fisherman’s Friends show up every Friday night to put on a show for the locals as well as the tourists from all over Cornwall.  We enjoyed the show sitting on our butts just a few feet in front of the harbor and the singers. Port Isaacc is an amazing little village!  And, yes for you Doc Martin fans, that is his surgery 2nd house from the left.

Port Isaacc Habor

The Sea Shanty group, Fisherman’s Friends ended up putting on quite the show for us.

Fishersman friends

Food in Cornwall?    Pub grub was much better than I had expected.  My only complaint about the food was that all the menu’s seem to have the same things on them – fish and chips, pasty’s, soup, specials heavy on the meat, potatoes, and usually one curry.  Not as much variety of food that I was used to.

One of our favorite places to eat was just about 1 mile from our Boscastle home.  it was fun to walk down to the Boscastle Harbor, and then walk up to the Farm Shop situated along the coastal path.  The Farm Shop was on a local farm about 50 yards to the coastal path with spectacular views from the outdoor picnic tables.   They seem to have a great passion for great quality local produce!  We loved our visits there, the walk, the food, and one day – even a trip just for dessert!

Food Store

In conclusion our only regret about beings in Cornwall was that we didn’t spend enough time here.  Perhaps we will come back one day and spend another week or two.  One never knows when Cornwall will call us again.

Long live Cornwall

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