Hungarian Home Cooking

Monday Morning (4/25) and all is well here in Budapest.  We decided to make the most of a cold, dreary day and did our “chores” – laundry and grocery shopping.  Laundry is so easy staying at an apartment instead of a hotel.  Went to “Central Market” for the usual foods we needed, and came home and loaded our small refrigerator with the goodies.

One of my weird observations of doing chores in a foreign city is that I am never bored with grocery shopping or cooking, and given that we are spending only a month here I actually look forward to it.

clockAccording to our funky clock in the apartment, it was time to cook in this dinky kitchen.  I decided that an easy meal was an Italian Frittata.  Easy?  At home yes, but I am still getting use to this “interesting” stove.  You have to light it with matches, and there are no degrees marked on the front of the stove so I just have to guess at the temperature. I think it worked because dinner was delicious.


I took eggs, salt/pepper, basil, paprika (this is Hungary!), tomatoes, cheese (2 kinds), and asparagus, and dinner was a success.  We also shared some good crusty Hungarian bread.




And the best part was not the


Frittata … was!!!!


Clay dishes

that Clay did the dishes while I poured myself a glass of Hungarian Rosé .  Yes, Hungarian.  Surprisingly good as long as you make sure it is labeled as “dry”.

I could get used to Budapest.



Hungarian Home Cooking

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