Typical Day

Clay and I have finally gotten into sink with the rhythm of day-to-day living here in Budapest.  When we get up for the simple fact that Clay gets up earlier, he has fallen into the role of Mr. daily coffee maker.  Our first hours of the day are breakfast and catching up on the news from the States.

We usually choose 1 major thing to do each day because that works well for us.  If we try to cram to much into a day, it leaves no time for sitting at a coffee shop reading or in some cases finding interesting things in route to that “1 major thing”.  I can not tell you the number of times that we say to each other that a month in one city is the best way to see a city.  When we were working full time and traveling 4-7 days was our norm.  Being retired that has stretched from a minimum of 1 week to 1 month.  Being retired has been the happiest time in our marriage and that is saying a lot because we have had some wildly happy times.

Before leaving the apartment, we check our google maps and physical maps (they still make them!) for the best route.  We have become so efficient with the tram, buses, and metro that it is a piece of cake to get to anywhere in this city.  Sometimes we just walk too.  We are averaging about 15K steps a day since arriving!!  Up until last night we actually were eating fairly healthy since we are eating many meals at our apartment.  I enjoy the food market here so much that cooking in a different kitchen is pretty darn fun.

When we do eat out we generally go to local restaurants and pubs in our neighborhood.  The owner of our apartment recommended that we check our his favorite Hungarian style restaurant – Paprika.  We went last night and ate until we were so miserable from the heavy, but delicious food.   Paying penitence we walked part of the way home instead of the bus all the way.  Check out a few photos from last night’s indulgence.




Typical Day

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